Spin2Win Wheel is finally here!

Spin2Win Wheel


Today I am thrilled to announce my new product called Spin2Win Wheel!

Following months of focused development and customer feedback on my first wheel game, Spin2Win Wheel is not only responsive and beautiful but also chock full of useful (and requested) features.

Here’s some info:

Built using Scalable Vector Graphics Spin2Win Wheel is a responsive, flexible, customisable, resolution independent spin wheel game whose outcomes you control.

Spin results, prizes, win/lose, number of spins and more can be controlled using JSON data. You can also customise the look and feel of Spin2Win Wheel to bring it in line with your brand or color scheme and it even has an anti-cheat mechanism to prevent players placing the wheel on a chosen segment.


  • API for game progress, tracking and results
  • Populated and controlled with JSON for dynamic instances
  • Spin destinations can be set to ensure a specific outcome
  • Anti-cheat mechanism
  • Supports infinite random spins
  • Smooth intuitive spin/throw physics
  • Customizable colors with unique or alternating pattern
  • Customizable size, position and style of the graphics
  • Responsive and scalable
  • Customizable number of wheel segments
  • Use text or images (or both!) as the prize on each segment
  • Supports animated GIFs as segment prize
  • Touch and mouse input
  • Supports desktop and mobile
  • Resolution independent SVG graphics means it Spin2Win Wheel looks beautiful on high density displays
  • Supports tick sound on/off while spinning
  • Supports shadows to add depth
  • Info popups can be styled via CSS
  • Supports emojis


You can read more in the official documentation here.

For those of you who follow my blog you may know that I have been selling items on CodeCanyon for a few years now. I began selling Edge Animate templates and thankfully they have sold, and continue to sell, very well.

You may also know that Edge Animate has now been discontinued and so I have moved my focus onto SVG and JavaScript. So this new product marks a new dawn for me as I move into building items that don’t rely on any third party software.

As I was building it I realised it can actually be used for all sorts of applications – quizzes, games, UI, information points, kiosks, apps and more – and because it’s built with responsive SVG it always looks great.

A lot of blood sweat and tears has gone into this so I hope you like it (and buy it obviously 🙂

Check out Spin2Win Wheel


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