CSS Design Awards Winner 2015


2015 was a milestone year for me for many reasons but I’ll go into those reasons in another post.

One thing I am particularly proud of was winning a Best Code Wrangler 2015 award – to quote from the site:

Where would the digital world be without experimentalists? This year we thought it fitting to introduce a unique commendation that shines a light on the people that spend countless hours perfecting the little things that drive big innovation in the web design and dev industry. A special accolade for code-loving experimentalists.

This isn’t an award I put myself forward for – it’s based purely on judges and industry peers noticing work that breaks new ground and opens up new horizons as to what is possible on the web and for that I am (slightly shocked!) and even more proud.

I am a staunch supporter of a meritocracy – a society where hard work, dedication and, crucially, high quality results are rewarded and this award, for me at least, is the ultimate in recognition for the time and energy I spend on mine and my clients’ projects. The work of some of the most noted experimentalists in history has often gone unnoticed until years after their deaths and only then was it appreciated.

And whilst I would not be so arrogant as to draw a comparison between me and those pioneers my point is that this award goes some way towards ensuring that a light is shone on grafters like me and my peers who spend their time creating work that hopefully inspires, teaches and delights those that see it.


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