95% Inspiration and 5% Perspiration

SVG Balloon Slider has proved to be a bit of a hit and thankfully it conforms to the natural rule of creativity. And that is – when I spend hours and hours crafting a pen, tweaking and changing and generally trying to make it as good as it can be, it never seems to really work that well and is not hugely well received (Note: this is just an observation. I don’t make stuff to be ‘hugely well received’ although I must admit it’s nice when it is).

On the other hand, as in this case, the (fully formed) idea for it popped into my head whilst making some SVG sliders for a client, so I nipped over to CodePen, built it in around 1-2 hours (not on client time I might add!) and published it.

The reactions have been amazing and it just goes to show that the idea that success is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration is not always true. Sometimes when you knock out an idea you just had and don’t think too much about it you’ll come up with something much more coherent than spending days polishing what could quite possibly be a turd.

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