My SVG Lava Lamp is available now for Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate Lava Lamp on CodeCanyon

I’ve finally ported over the lava lamp to Adobe Edge Animate and added some lovely new features not available on the CodePen version. Here’s the feature list:

  • Beautiful motion and physics
  • Allow user to change the colors by dragging up/down and left/right
  • Customise the wax and ambient colors independently
  • Separate ambient and wax colors means an infinite color combination is possible
  • Automatically cycle through all colors
  • Set the automatic hue cycle duration
  • Set the speed of the wax blobs to suit
  • SVG graphics means it’s retina-ready
  • Scales to whatever size you want without losing quality
  • Runs beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Animation is different and random every time

So now you can swipe left and right or up and down to change the wax and ambient hues independently meaning you can completely customise your lava lamp to suit your taste.

Not only that but you can set it to cycle those colours so that it just loops forever or you can simply choose the colour combination you want and let it do its thing.

I insisted with Envato that Edge Lava Lamp be affordable and the price for all of this awesomesauce is just $9 – how about that?

So sit back and relax in the glow of one of the better things to come out of the 1960s 🙂

Check out Adobe Edge Lava Lamp on CodeCanyon

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