I recently hit a major milestone (for me) over on CodePen. On the face of it, it might seem that I’m counting followers and that that number is somehow important.

It’s a bit crass to count followers tbh but I’d be lying if I said that having lots of followers isn’t a nice thing – of course it is. But the best thing about it is the pressure generated by 100s of people looking at your stuff.

This pressure makes me push myself; it makes me go that extra mile; it makes me fix that little thing I could just as easily let slide and publish. Because I am hideously afraid of rejection and criticism. Some people say that the harshest critic is themselves and whilst this is true for me, I get far more upset when someone else pulls me up for doing something shit. I can take that sort of criticism from me – I can’t take it, even (especially?) from strangers. It’s weird and silly but it’s part of the process of getting better; a very painful and uncomfortable part.

I started my journey into SVG animation in February 2015 and right from the start I’ve been lucky enough to have had amazing support and encouragement from you on CodePen and beyond. You’ve really helped me along and made me push myself to craft things that I love and that I hope you’ll enjoy too.

It’s been incredible – thank you.

So here’s to a ton more ESS VEE GEE – cheers!

2 thoughts on “777

  1. Thanks for pushing yourself, Chris! When I see the stuff you do, I get depressed at first. I think, “Why can’t I do cool stuff?” But then I’m glad you do what you do so I can learn from it and push myself as well. Even though I’ll never be as smart as you! [sad face]

    1. Thank you for your kind words – if it’s any consolation (probably not) I too look around at loads of people’s work and think exactly the same thing. It’s depressing.

      But as you say it’s what makes us push forward. The moment you think you’re brilliant is the moment you should quit – laurels become very uncomfortable if you rest on them 😉

      And at the end of the day we’re all just bags of bones wobbling around.

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