How To Animate SVG At Reasons To Be Creative Conference 2015

CG_BannerIt’s official – after a brilliant conference last year and a hugely enjoyable (and nail biting) Elevator Pitch, John Davey, the organiser of the Reasons To Be Creative conference has kindly asked me back to do one of the new session types called How-To Half Hour.

As some of you may know I have been bitten by the SVG bug (check out my CodePen work here) and I’ve been learning and building like mad for the past year or so. As a result of some intensive deep diving I’ve learnt quite a lot (but there’s lots more to know!) and so I’ll be doing my How-To Half Hour on animating SVG.

You can read more about it on my speaker page – I hope you can join me at what is always an amazingly inspiring conference full of brilliant speakers (my personal favourite is Robert Hodgin who inspires me every time I see him presenting his work).

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