EdgeInvaders – Blast The Baddies To Bag The Baubles!

EdgeInvaders - reto game and personal greeting card


Blast the baddies to bag the baubles in this super retro game!

And it’s not just a game – simply add your message to the JSON file and you instantly have a retro game AND personalised greeting card in one!


  • Quirky 8 bit sound FX
  • Old skool animation combined with modern interactivity
  • Classic retro game play
  • Works across all platforms (sound effects won’t play on iOS but the music does)
  • Personalize the card for all your friends, clients and family
  • Custom 8-bit graphics to get that lo-fi holiday vibe

The track is called ‘O Christmas Tree’ by Rush Coil – he has kindly provided it for this demo – it is not available for use without his permission.

You can contact Rush Coil here – he’s a very generous, talented soul and is available for hire.

EdgeInvaders is the crazy ridonculous price of only $12 – it’s the most original way you can say Happy Christmas so go and buy it! Happy Christmas! :)

Get Those Baubles Back!

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