EdgeRotater – A 3D Interface For Edge Animate

EdgeRotater - a 3D Interface for Edge Animate

Flat is boring!

There. I said it. We were all thinking it.

Well, maybe we weren’t and sometimes flat is super nice. But not always.

With that in mind allow me to present a modern, slick 3D interface for Edge Animate called EdgeRotater. It’s my latest Edge Animate template up on CodeCanyon and you can purchase days of my blood, sweat and tears for the horrifically low price of $12. I know – this Internet pricing thing is crazy paving.


  • Slick performance on desktop and mobile
  • Supports dragging, clicking and mouse wheel inputs
  • Fully editable text, colors and images
  • Responsive scaling
  • Beautiful editable animation
  • Runs on the fantastic Greensock engine (GSAP)
  • Supports practically unlimited menus
  • Can be flat or 3D
  • Can either jump or animate to a page on click or wheel
  • Rotates continuously

EdgeRotater is designed for Edge Animate and, as always, it’s powered by the super fine Greensock.

So I hope you have fun with it – I had fun making it!

Check out EdgeRotater on CodeCanyon

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