EdgeCarousel – a totally sweet 3D carousel template for Edge Animate

EdgeCarousel - a 3D carousel for Edge Animate
The village elders unanimously agreed that this 3D carousel is in fact totally sweet*

*Ok, ok I never even showed it to the village elders (no wi-fi) and, rather big-headedly, it was me who described it as totally sweet mainly because I’m really happy with this template’s simple aesthetic, functionality, flexibility and performance.

Of course you can totally customise the pages and animations to look however you want them to look but for the ‘product’ shots (i.e. the graphics you get with it) I’ve chosen to avoid the whole ‘flat’ design thing because if you apply a flat design to a 3D carousel it just ends up looking a bit…well..flat.

So anyway allow me to introduce EdgeCarousel, my latest Adobe Edge Animate template on CodeCanyon and the world’s first 3D carousel for Edge Animate – it’s taken a while to design in all the features and I won’t bore you with a description of all of them so here’s an easily digestible bullet list:

  • Beautiful 3D motion and physics
  • Editable/custom triggered animations
  • Easily editable page order
  • Can have 3 or more pages
  • Touch and mouse input support
  • Supports auto rotation for hands-free display
  • Pages can face forwards or outwards
  • Retrigger animations or just play once
  • Scalable/responsive and remains centered
  • Optimized for desktop AND mobile/touch
  • Supports nested buttons/links
  • Editable perspective and perspective origin
  • Did I mention the gorgeous motion?

Each symbol that you add is a page and can play whatever animation you like inside that page (when it becomes the front item in the carousel).

You can add anything you like to your page symbols including images, iframes, animations and videos which gives it amazing flexibility – amongst many things I can see see this being perfect as a product demo tool (interactive or automatically rotating), portfolio or photo viewer, navigation/UI, film or video chooser, prototyping tool for previewing animations… the list goes on.

I hope you enjoy playing with it and consider buying it – if I make enough money from it I will pay to have wi-fi installed in the village! **

Take EdgeCarousel For A Spin

Purchase EdgeCarousel on CodeCanyon

**not true either




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