EdgeParallax: A Super Smooth Edge Animate Template Powered by Greensock

EdgeParallax: A Super Smooth Parallax Template for Edge Animate


My latest Edge Animate CC 2014 template has finally made its way through the CodeCanyon approval process – I did a quick video and blog post about it a while ago and you may notice that it had video in it. In the final template I’ve removed the video mainly because it’s created in Edge Animate CC 2014 and one of the main new features it has is importing video. You might think that doesn’t make sense (why take video out of a template in a new version that finally supports it??!) but the reasons are:

  • I didn’t want to bloat the downloadable file by including video files (MP4, OGV, WebM)
  • I didn’t want a load of support emails about video playback (HTML5 video is notorious for inconsistent behaviour across browsers and devices)
  • The parallax engine allows you to add the video yourself very easily anyway (you must use the latest version of Animate)

Under the hood it’s powered by Greensock using Draggable, ThrowPropsPlugin and TweenMax – this gives it that lovely buttery motion. It scales to devices and is fully editable too from colours, number of pages, icons, text, menu style and menu behaviour – it can basically be used as a complete site!

You can also navigate using either the menu, finger/mouse swipes or the mouse wheel (it also has 3D menus if that’s what you choose, plus they widen and shrink to fit the width of the page so you always have a full looking menu).

So I hope you enjoy it – I’ve put a lot of work into it and I hope it shows.

Check out EdgeParallax on CodeCanyon

Chris Gannon Edge Animate Templates

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