Draggable Vector Girl

I’ve been messing around with SVG recently and this is the first of my demos. It ‘draws’ the vector image when you drag across the screen – you can even throw it and it’ll continue drawing – this is made possible by Greensock’s Draggable, ThrowPropsPlugin, TimelineMax and TweenMax (it sounds like a lot but really it isn’t).

The lovely vector art was free from VectorPortal.com – you can download this image here. I had to do some quite boring text replacement stuff and some other tedious acts of pointlessness to get the SVG data working right – SVG is still not accurate in terms of accessing things like getTotalLength(); which I need for the tweens but it’s a start.

The effect is achieved by creating a TweenMax animation of the SVG path’s stroke-dashoffset attribute and then nesting that inside a TimelineMax. The Draggable’s onThrowUpdate then animates the TimelineMax’s ‘time’ property (which also has a slight animation applied to it for extra super smoothness).

Update: I’ve now added a colour tween that cycles through HSLA for added sweetness.

Now start throwing down some shapes!

View the Draggable Vector Girl Demo

View Draggable Vector Girl on CodePen

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