I need YOUR help!

I’m regularly asked if I would create a course on Edge Animate and Greensock (which if course is very flattering and a slight exaggeration).

So I would really appreciate your opinions on these three questions.




Thanks for your time! 🙂

4 thoughts on “I need YOUR help!

  1. As I currently understand things, this EA/Greensock integrated workflow is really valuable. Did you make a decision about a course? If no, would you mind throwing out another bone or two about how you integrate the them? Thanks.

    Your work is inspiring.

    1. Thanks grantpax – I would certainly hope there’s plenty of stuff on my blog that would constitute ‘a bone’ 🙂 – lots of demos and free EA source. Some of it is out of date now given the latest releases of EA (like importing JS scripts/loading from CDNs etc) but a lot of it is still very relevant (and hopefully useful).

      As for courses I’ve decided to do private screencast one-to-one sessions (or one-to-up-to-four) as I think these will be extremely useful.

      They’ll range from teaching a basic workflow with EA and Greensock (EA/Greensock architecture, when to use EA timeline or Greensock timeline, mobile optimisation etc) to more advanced interaction techniques and processes like 3D motion tracking that require students not only to have a solid grounding in various disciplines (video production, 3D, Flash Air) but also to have access to software like After Effects, Mocha Pro, Flash etc.

      If you’re interested or know anyone who might be then let me know.

      1. I’m sorry. I did not to mean to imply you have made some small contribution. No no. It’s the architectural integration of EA and Greensock for a large presentation (animation with audio that’s well over an hour) that I has me desperately casting about for understanding. While I’m not new, I’m no HTML/CSS/JavaScript guru. I subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

        Though I’m worried about cost (aren’t most of us?), you may be just the right guy to help me get this figured out. Do you have a preferred method of communicating?


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