Wheel of Luck – Spin It To Win It! (A new Edge Animate Template)

Wheel of Luck
Wheel of Fortune – uhm, I mean Luck!

Well my Edge Animate templates are coming thick and fast now. And yes, I didn’t dare risk calling it Wheel Of Fortune as it’s a trademark and I’d probably get my bottom smacked by the Califon Productions brand nanny.

This template was great fun to make and practically everything is editable from the way it spins to the win values and all the text (it works brilliantly on mobile devices – super smooth) – even the font and currency can be whatever you like ($, £, € etc) and you even get another design for the spin board (featuring more muted, modern colours). I’m particularly pleased with the little white ticker thing at the top – it flicks left or right depending on which way you spin it – so sweeeeet!

I’ve also employed some nice text effects (again you could edit these) and the whole game is fed with a simple array of values – this affords it excellent flexibility in that you can easily plug it into a CMS or other dynamic system and have multiple games running (you would of course need the extended license for that). When the wheel stops an event fires that gets the value of the wedge it landed on – here you can add your own functionality in when, say, you hit the jackpot or when you lose a turn.

It’s already proving to be quite a hit (which for some reason surprises me) – Wheel of Fortune seems to be a big deal in the US (we don’t have it in the UK) – it seems to be etched into the psyches of the general population of many countries, some for nostalgic reasons, others for mainstream current family fun.

And as always it’s powered by the super sexy Greensock GSAP (Draggable and ThrowPropsPlugin).

I hope you enjoy this template – it was great fun to make and it’s great fun to play too – spin it to win it!

View the Wheel of Luck demo

Purchase Wheel of Luck

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