EdgeSlider – a responsive slider for Edge Animate

A responsive slide for Edge Animate

Well what do you know – I have reached the dizzy heights of becoming a 5-star author on CodeCanyon!

And because of this Envato have commissioned two more templates from me, the first of which is on sale now – and it’s at the BARGAIN price of just $9. It runs beautifully on any device, supports mouse and touch input and it just feels lovely to use.

As time goes on I’m finding the marriage between Edge Animate and Greensock gets better and better. I can visually lay stuff out in EA without having to worry about building every single DIV. And then when I want to animate it or give it dynamic interaction I turn to Greensock GSAP which ALWAYS delivers in spades.

EdgeSlider gets the best of both worlds – it’s easy to edit the visual content (slides, animations, type etc) and simple to tweak and enhance the GSAP interactive animation.

You’ll need to be a Greensock Club member and it makes extensive use of the Draggable utility (free) and the ThrowPropsPlugin – so if you’re serious about interactive animation and you’re not a member you’re missing out.

As always I’ll have some more tutorials and demos available soon.

Happy sliding!

You can buy EdgeSlider on CodeCanyon here and you can check out the live demo here

Chris Gannon Edge Animate Templates

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