How To Include Third Party Libraries in OAM Files

How do you include Greensock and third party other JS, CSS and HTML files in the OAM (Animate Deployment Package) file that Edge Animate creates for DPS (Digital Publishing Suite)?


TL:DR? An OAM file is simply a renamed ZIP file. Open the OAM file in your ZIP program and add your files and folders to the OAM’s Assets folder.


I’ve been asked this more times than I can remember now so this is a quick post to show you how (and to point people to who ask me!). It’s very simple.

When you have your final Edge Animate project ready for deployment, you can choose File > Publish Settings. This will show a dialogue that contains Publish Targets. Select Animate Deployment Package and uncheck ‘Host runtime files on Adobe CDN’ (unless you are sure your audience will always have an internet connection).

Click ‘Publish’. If you have not edited the Target Directory this will generate an OAM file in your project directory in the directory publish > animate_package.

This OAM file is nothing more than a renamed ZIP file. I have associated the file extension .oam with my ZIP program so that it always opens in winZIP.

Inside the OAM file you’ll find an Assets folder and a config.xml file at the top level. Drilling down into the Assets folder will reveal your Edge Animate project structure but currently it doesn’t include your third party libraries.

Now simply add your Greensock, CSS and any other folders to your OAM file like you would to a ZIP and then close it.

That’s it!

Now you can use this OAM file in your DPS projects – just remember that, depending on which version of Edge Animate you’re using you may have to go through this process again if you re-publish your OAM file from EA.

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