Multitouch Generic UI Controls built with Greensock

Quick Vine of the UI controls I’m working on. All the controls are customisable including X, Y, width, height, value range, colour etc. You can assign a listener to them and use the returned value to control whatever you want!

With the rise of software controlled hardware like Tessel and Arduino there is and will continue to be a growing demand for UI controls that are simple and flexible.

This is a demo of the multitouch controls I have built so far. They include UISlider, UIDial, UITimeline and UINotch. Coming soon are some more specific UI controls for more specific functions (like 3D placement, spectral values etc).

They use the completely fantastic Greensock library, specifically the utility Draggable and the paid-for plugin ThrowProps. If you aren’t familiar with Greensock or if you didn’t know about Draggable or ThrowProps which are fairly new I urge you to check them out – IMO they are far superior to any jQuery library available and the performance across devices is SLICK!

Tell me – if I sold this kit would you buy it? (the price would, of course, be extraordinarily reasonable!).

Hey! If you like this you might like my Adobe Edge Animate templates over on CodeCanyon – check ’em!

Chris Gannon Edge Animate Templates

7 thoughts on “Multitouch Generic UI Controls built with Greensock

  1. Absolutely I would pay for a framework – And even more for a Masterclass.
    Maybe you could produce content for Tuts+ or write the first electronic programming manual for Edge Animate. You could call it Master Class.

    1. Great to know Nicolas, thanks.

      I am actually already creating Edge Animate templates on CodeCanyon – you can check out my portfolio here – I might even put these components on there if I think there’s enough interest.

  2. 100% I’d pay for a framework like this. It’s brilliant. Wish there was an entire platform that supported porting jQuery plugins like Lettering.js, masonry, to use GSAP. I’m currently on the prowl for a GSAP GUI that integrates into WordPress. THAT, I believe (if executed with apple simplicity) would be a golden ticket.

    1. Whilst I’m not familiar with those libraries you mentioned (masonry, lettering.js etc) I’d imagine a port to GSAP wouldn’t be that difficult (and the results would potentially be a vast improvement in their performance).

      I’m interested to know what you mean by a ‘GSAP GUI that integrates into WordPress’. What do you need to be able to do? (I.e. A real world scenario).

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