Edge Animate Templates on CodeCanyon

Chris Gannon Edge Animate Templates

The nice folks at CodeCanyon asked me to submit some scripts, apps and snippets to help launch their Adobe Edge Animate templates section which I have gladly done!

So far I have created 3 interfaces and animations:

1. 3D Video Cube

3D Edge Animate Video Cube





A 3D Javascript/jQuery cube that can be populated with either a live YouTube feed or a local XML file. It responds to swipe gestures (mouse or touch) and loads and plays the selected video in an embedded customisable player.

It runs equally well on tablets and desktop computers.

2. Swiss Clock

HTML5 iOS Swiss Clock





A simple HTML5 analogue Swiss Railway Clock (similar to that found in iOS) that works in two modes. The first is the original mode where the second hand stops at 12 whilst the minute hand changes – the second is a modern, smooth, continuous movement.

3. Editable 3D Flip Business Card

Ediatble 3D Flip Business Card





3D business card with fully editable fields and images on the front. The card flips over smoothly to reveal fully editable back face images and fields.

I’ve spent a long time designing and coding these so if you want to buy some awesome value and well commented Adobe Edge Animate templates (like the one in this Vine) then head on over to my CodeCanyon page. I will be adding more templates soon (like my JavaScript coverflow app) and, all being well, I’ll be implementing Leap Motion functionality into them too as a bonus feature.

Please do let me know if these are the kinds of things you’d want to buy and what else you might like to see available!

Update: it appears the Edge Animate section on CodeCanyon isn’t live yet so this post has been a colossal waste of time for you and me – sorry about that! (I’ll post something that actually works soon 😉

Hurray it’s open for business!

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