JavaScript Coverflow, Edge Animate, Greensock and Leap Motion

Another quick Vine to demonstrate some other stuff I’m working on.

I think this kind of interface is more suited to Leap Motion input because there is usually only one element you could ever select (the central photograph) not only making gesture input more straight-forward but also in terms of users feeling confident about what might happen when they madly wave their hands about 😉

6 thoughts on “JavaScript Coverflow, Edge Animate, Greensock and Leap Motion

  1. I was going to purchase a leap motion but heard mixed reviews. Do you think it is solid device to work with in edge? Any chance you could upload sample edge file to show how you connected leap device to edge animate? Thanks for the post your work is awesome!

    1. I think it’s started pretty solidly already – it’s by no means perfect, it can be laggy and a bit inconsistent (that’s probably my code – I’ve played with demos created by LM and they’re very accurate)

      Basically I think it’s only going to get better and, for the money, I reckon it’s worth getting one to get to grips (bad pun) with gesture-based UI design and coding.

  2. This is amazing, I love what you’ve done, it continues that way this is a good job. I would like to know that extension or program get used for control the pc with your hand without using the pc mouse simply with a wave of the hand.

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