Come and say hi on CodePen

CodePen logoRecently I’ve started putting some demos up on CodePen. Not only is it a great place to demo stuff and see what other people are doing (great for inspiration) but it also allows viewers to view, edit and mess around with the code in real time which is just perfect when you’re learning new stuff – and every day is a school day, eh.

I even made it into Editor’s Picks with this demo which is definitely an improvement on my older demo 3D flip here.

Here are some links to other recent Pens:

3D Card Flip iOS-style

3D Soup Can

Morphing 3D Rainbow Cylinder thing

One thought on “Come and say hi on CodePen

  1. hi chris,

    i’m a graphic designer moving from flash to edge & i’d very much like to hire you as a edge consultant.

    Would you be interested or do you know anyone i could contact? thanks so much!

    (please excuse my website- i haven’t updated it in about 7 years!!!)

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