Vintage Design 3D Milk Carton in Edge Animate

Vintage Design 3D Milk Carton in Adobe Edge AnimateThought I’d have a bit of a break from coding and just do some design stuff. Then I decided to turn my design into an interactive 3D object (all powered by Greensock), as you do.

So I won’t rant on about it as it is using a similar engine to this 3D cube which you can download but I thought I’d post it anyway as it’s a bit of an improvement on it (I’ve now added Z rotation which was lacking in the previous demo) – I love a bit of 3D, retro product design and vintage type so I present to you a 3D Gannon.TV milk carton!

I’ll probably update all the faces with different designs (like an ingredients list and a side for nutritional value, just for fun) so for now I won’t post the source, partly because I haven’t added in a few bits like the triangular parts of the carton top (you know, the bits that expand when you open the carton) but mainly because I haven’t commented it all that well.

However if you do want to download the source then just ping me or leave a comment.

Check out the Vintage Design 3D Milk Carton demo

Download the Adobe Edge Source files

Oh and why not check out my Adobe Edge Animate Templates on CodeCanyon?

Purchase on CodeCanyon

My 3D Video Cube is particularly awesome!

7 thoughts on “Vintage Design 3D Milk Carton in Edge Animate

  1. This is excellent! I saw the cube demo and was impressed. I’d appreciate it if I could download the source for this. Thank you.

    1. I’ve added a download link in now – the Edge Animate file is based on the cube project files. I haven’t been too careful about commenting this one but it’s the same principle as the cube.

      Happy 3D tweening!

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