MooDisco! An Edge Animate and Greensock Desktop and iPad Web App

MooDisco! Cow-based interactive fun

We’ve all heard people asking ‘why can’t we have scrollable, 3D animating scenes with lots of sounds that runs on desktop as well as iPad and WebKit-based browsers and heavily features cows, ice cream and disco?’.

Haven’t we? Well? Just me then…

Anyway allow me to finally answer the question that was never asked – with MooDisco!

Created with Adobe Edge Animate preview, Greensock (TweenMax and TimelineMax), the rather nifty SoundManager 2 and a few jQuery UI libraries for dragging, this demo has everything you need if you like ice cream, cows and disco.

And even if they’re not your thing, I hope it puts a little smile on your face – the web can be a very serious place nowadays and so, in the immortal words of Willy Wonka:

A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men.

Please enjoy!

As mentioned this works best in Safari, Chrome or any other WebKit-enabled browser. It works in Firefox too (it just doesn’t recognise the 3D tweens).

I’ve noticed the draggable slider doesn’t work in IE9 and I understand it’s due to incompatibilities with the Adobe Edge Animate version of jQuery. You can still click in the scroll track though, so all is not lost.

I will be publishing the cleaned-up source code for this soon (as an Adobe Edge Animate project with accompanying JS files). If you can’t wait for the nicely commented, clean version you can download and poke about in my messy current version with lots of stuff commented out and no helpful comments or anything.

Click here to launch MooDisco!

Download the MooDisco Edge Animate files

Attention iPad users!

You can now install this as a free web app. Just visit this page on your iPad and click the link below.

Click here to add MooDisco! as an iPad web app

8 thoughts on “MooDisco! An Edge Animate and Greensock Desktop and iPad Web App

  1. Hey Chris,

    Im wondering if it would be a huge challenge to modify the jQuery outside of edge to work with IE9/8/ and possibly ie7?

  2. @Jeff

    Possibly although given the audio and 3D it’s using I’m not sure it would b worth it. Plus you would have to recode it outside of Edge Animate as EA is not working on earlier versions of IE.

  3. Nuts! Moo DIsco breaks in Edge Animate 2014.1. The preview shows up in Chrome with a black screen. The previous version worked great, is there a way to edit this code without using EA ?

    1. Everything seems to be breaking in EA 2014.1 release.

      I’m pretty they didn’t release it – it escaped – it’s giving me no end of headaches.

      Yes you can edit the edgeActions.js externally (that’s where I spend most of my time anyway).

  4. Chris—
    Great stuff.
    Any idea as to what is causing the MooDisco (and others) to break under EA 2014.1? The concept is great. If I know where to look, I might poke around and see what I can do.

    1. Don’t worry it’s working fine – EA’s ‘upgrade’ functionality fails to copy across JS files referenced in the code. I’ve updated the link for you with the upgraded version.

      Now go and have some ice-cream! 🙂

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