Echo – Greensock’s TimelineMax and Adobe Edge

Interactive Ball echo in Edge Animate and Greensock TimelineMax

Here’s a new interactive demo.

It is based on and is an evolution of the Greensock ‘ball dropping’ demo example that comes with the GSAP JavaScript libraries.

It’s using TimelineMax for the animation and Adobe Edge’s bindSymbolActionfor the newly added balls to create an echo effect of the main ball. You can have them as multi-coloured or plain grey. You can also change the frequency of the echoes.

Don’t forget that once you have clicked ‘Play’ button you can then click the ‘Mouse’ button to drag your mouse back and forth to scrub through the animation by hand (which I think is pretty cool ‘though I say so myself!).

Change the values, scrub around and have a play!

Click here to launch the Echo demo.

Download the source files here. (coming soon once I’ve tided them up!).

3 thoughts on “Echo – Greensock’s TimelineMax and Adobe Edge

  1. Ah yes how utterly slack of me – the link is now active above so download and enjoy!

    Please bear in mind that this demo was created some time ago and there are better methods, say, for loading the Greensock libraries; methods that I illustrate in my blog post here

    Also I’ve commented some stuff and not others – hence the ‘coming soon once I’ve tided them up!’ comment 🙂

    Spoiler alert: I haven’t tidied them up.

    Happy tweening!

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