Starling, Nape, iPad and Pong

Ok the title sounds like a rubbish sit-com but it does the job.

My stilted narrative on the video should be explanation enough but in case you can’t be bothered to watch, a brief summary is that I’ve been doing some tests with Starling and Nape to improve my understanding of Starling and how best to implement the touch events.

I’ve made a little test game similar to Pong where I can place the ball on the stage and throw it wherever I want to put it in play. I have paddles on either side that follow your finger to rebound the ball.

Because I’m new to Nape I have found that the ball gets stuck bouncing up and down in the middle away from the paddles – to get around that (and to try out more swipe gestures) I’ve allowed the stage to be swiped, transferring the velocity of that swipe onto the ball to get it back in play. Not particularly gamer-friendly yet but hey, these are tests!

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